Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Connecticut citizens must register certain weapons or face felony prosecution

Legal gun owners in Connecticut are now forced under the state's new gun control laws to register their "assault weapons" and ammunition.

Hundreds of Connecticut residents lined up Monday to make sure
 their weapon where registered..
The queue of citizens seeking to register their weapons stretched around the State Department of Public Safety in Middletown on Monday, in a scene that must warm the hearts of gun control advocates everywhere.

Mike Lawlor, the governor's undersecretary for criminal justice said,

"If you get caught with a banned assault weapon after tomorrow night then you're going to be prosecuted as a felon."
Lawlor is not kidding. In New York, were similar laws were passed, CBS News reported this week that "arrest data show more than 1,000 gun possession charges in New York City were boosted from misdemeanors to felonies because of the changes."

Times have changed since the Connecticut state constitution declared,

"Every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state."
The "controversial, wide-ranging" laws passed in April in the wake of the mass killing at Sandy Hook Elementary school. This, in a state where gun control laws were already among the strictest in the country, yet failed to deter Adam Lanza, 20, who clearly was not concerned about laws when he killed twenty children and six adults last year.

Twin Cities reported in the wake of the mass killing that "Connecticut’s laws are strict by comparison to many other states, but they still fall short of what many gun control advocates want."

Lawlor continued to say,

"The goal of the law is to have fewer of these assault weapons in circulation in the years to come..."
The law-abiding residents who are forced to undergo this exercise are not among those committing crimes, as noted by one resident, who said,

"Anybody who's going to bring their assault rifles here to register them aren't criminals...The criminals are the people sitting at home hiding them in their closet right now."

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