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"Hot Convict" Says She's Had Enough Publicity

Meagan Simmons, a Tampa woman charged with DUI in 2010, had her mugshot go viral. Now, she is suing a "background check" company that used her image to advertise and make money -- which her attorney says is illegal.

There is one fact Meagan Simmons' attorney agrees on.

"Her mug shot is a public record. It was published on a website. It is publicly available," said Matthew Crist with the Clark and Martino law firm.

In fact, people online have used Simmons' mug several times for fun, but it was no fun for her.

In 2010, she was charged for driving under the influence in Hillsborough County. Overnight, many fell hard for the woman dubbed the "good looking convict," but after finding her mug advertising an online background check company, the mother of four grew concerned.

"My client is not affiliated with Instant Checkmate. She has no involvement with Instant Checkmate. They never got her consent to use her image," Crist said.

Crist filed a lawsuit against Instant Checkmate, stating it violated Florida law.

"The fact is, she was arrested in 2010 -- four years ago -- and they're using her mug shot, and prominently using her mug shot, to promote their website," Crist said.

They say while her mug shot is public record, she hasn't chosen to represent Instant Checkmate.

"You can't take a public record and turn it into an advertisement and make someone's face be a promoting part of a product that you don't have an affiliation of," he said.

In Simmons' lawsuit, she says the exposure has disturbed her peace of mind, invaded her privacy, and caused mental anguish.

Her attorney hopes to get her mug shot off the ads and reverse the damage.

"You have your face. It's your property. You own it, you have the right to control," he added.

Man Sues McDonald's for $1.5 Million Because He Got Only 1 Napkin

Webster Lucas, who is African American isn't lovin' the McDonald's in Pacoima, California. He's suing them for $1.5 million dollars for being discriminated against because they only gave him one napkin with his meal. He says he's unable to work because of the "undue mental anguish" he has suffered.

A California man is suing the company for $1.5 MILLION , because he says he only got ONE NAPKIN with his meal.

Webster Lucas claims he was stiffed on napkins at the Mickey D's in Pacoima, CA on January 29th -- after ordering a Quarter Pounder Deluxe -- and when he went up to the counter to ask for more, he was rudely rebuffed by the manager ... who insisted he already got some.

According to his lawsuit, Lucas -- who is black -- then retorted, "I should have went to eat at the Jack-in-the-Box because I didn't come here to argue over napkins. I came here to eat."

That's when Lucas says things got racist -- claiming the manager (a Mexican-American) mumbled something about "you people."

Lucas subsequently emailed the general manager to complain -- insisting he couldn't work because of the "undue mental anguish" he was suffering as a result of the napkin debacle -- and says he was insultingly offered free burgers in return.

Lucas wants to super size instead -- $1.5 million

Court rules school can ban American flag shirts to avoid racial strife

California High School Can Ban American Flag

A federal court ruled Thursday that a northern California high school did not violate the constitutional rights of its students when school officials made them turn their American flag T-shirts inside out on Cinco de Mayo or be sent home due to fears of racial violence.

The three-judge panel unanimously decided the officials’ need to protect the safety of their students outweighed the students’ freedom of expression rights.

Administrators at Live Oak High School, in the San Jose suburb of Morgan Hill, feared the American-flag shirts would enflame Latino students celebrating the Mexican holiday, and ordered the students to either turn the shirts inside out or go home for the day.

The school had a history of problems between white and Latino students on that day, and also had a documented history of violence between gang members and between racial groups. The court said these past problems gave school officials sufficient and justifiable reasons for their actions and that schools have wide latitude in curbing certain civil rights to ensure campus safety.

"Our role is not to second-guess the decision to have a Cinco de Mayo celebration or the precautions put in place to avoid violence," Judge M. Margaret McKeown wrote for the panel. The past events "made it reasonable for school officials to proceed as though the threat of a potentially violent disturbance was real," she wrote.

The San Jose Mercury News reports the parents of the students represented in the lawsuit claim their children’s First Amendment rights were violated. The Ann Arbor, Mich.-based American Freedom Law Center, a politically conservative legal aid foundation, and other similar organizations took up the students' case and sued the high school and the school district.

"This is the United States of America," the mother of one of the students Kendall Jones told the San Jose Mercury News. "The idea that it's offensive to wear patriotic clothing ... regardless of what day it is, is unconscionable to me."

The parents have said in previous interviews with several publications that their children were only trying to be patriotic, not start a fight with Latino students.

William Becker, one of the lawyers representing the students, said he plans to ask a special 11-judge panel of the appeals court to rehear the case. Becker said he and the parents of the children are prepared to take the fight all the way to the Supreme Court.
The Associated Press contributed to this report

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DeBoer v. Snyder :Judge's bizarre behavior, courtroom antics

Editor's Note: Long-time attorney Charles Kleinbrook is reporting for CALL about the DeBoer v. Snyder trial in Detroit this week that challenges Michigan's Marriage Protection Amendment, passed in 2004 by 59 percent of voters. Two lesbians are suing to overturn the amendment so that they can adopt each other's children. This report is about the court proceedings on Tuesday, the first day of the trial.

By Charles Kleinbrook

Keep in mind this is a bench trial, meaning there is no jury. A judge who you might like or not like will determine if an amendment passed by 59 percent of voters to the Michigan Constitution violates the 14th Amendment. (This will evolve into my argument in later articles about howjudges are now inserting themselves into politics so much that I am rethinking my former stance that federal judges should be appointed; but that's an article for another day).  

As expected, the plaintiffs started their experts in a parade from sociology to psychology, all concluding that there's no statistical difference in comparing healthy outcomes of children from heterosexual marriages versus any other kind. They introduced a legion of various studies.

The State tried to get the expert in psychology to acknowledge there are mixed outcomes of studies, there is a great deal of statistical variation contrary to the experts' conclusions, and the expert on the stand had to agree.

The psychology expert agreed that there are contrary studies, but he refused to call them studies or research, he labeled them "allegations within the studies."  The State attorney dropped the ball on the subtlety. The expert took offense to a question on the idea that parties in all consensual relationships can adopt children based solely on the level of a "loving commitment." But when asked whether or not two sisters could adopt as a married couple he called that question ridiculous. Again, the State dropped the ball and did not ask "Why it is ridiculous?" Why not? How would the expert define "loving?" If they are lesbian sisters, why not let them adopt?  Why not two married brothers? If they are gay, why not?  There is no legal or ethical or moral difference in the couplings, and the State unfortunately did not pick up on that.   

The Plaintiffs expert asserted various studies with regard to artificial insemination between married data pools and lesbian data pools. All the plaintiffs agree that the resulting difference on the children is a statistical tie. Thus, the first day's trial is a battle of the data sets.

The State attorney did a really good job on properly questioning the psychologist on all the funding sources for the studies he relied on. Those studies showed a bias due to the fact that they were substantively funded by LBGT-slanted foundations.

The sociologist said that poverty almost always negatively affects childbearing.  I question that.  It might be true in many Western cultures, but we know that elsewhere, societies are quite healthy and even thrive in poverty, e.g., the Inupiat people, northern herders, tribes in the Amazon, Mongolia, and New Guinea. The State did not challenge the sociologist on that. .any countries have very poor people yet have strong families and outstanding child-rearing. The State seems to think that all the data should be U.S. data, while this is a societal decision based on the intrinsic nature of human beings, not U.S. census pool data. 

At one point, after analyzing the data, the sociologist concluded that wealthy Asian families had the most intact families; therefore, the state statute should only allow rich Asian people to marry if the State were held to its own goal of family stability.  The courtroom laughed.  The Pla
intiffs are trying to make the State look foolish. In a sense their expert did. I trust that the State's expert will share the same giggles when asked to compare those comments, joke for joke.    
There were a number of clerics in the courtroom, to judge by their garb. Many were wearing clerical collars often seen in the Anglican or Episcopal Church, and most were wearing the "rainbow" emblems, which signify support for homosexuality. Alas, the surprise that there was not a single Roman collar.
Although Judge Bernard Friedman was very attentive to the trial process and kind to everyone, he was very twitchy and during trial lulls he went into rambling history lessons to the audience.  He spoke about the model cars on his rail, a stuffed eagle out of view, an old wooden jury selection bin that he inherited. This was just plain weird for a judge may would redefine one word: Marriage.  This commentary might be appropriate during a school group or tour, but not a case of this magnitude. Substantively, Judge Friedman
never asked a material question only administrative ones like, "what page are you on?"  He never asked, "How, expert, do you define marriage?  Why?  What do you base your answer on? How do you define loving? How do you define commitment? Why is it ridiculous that a sister cannot marry a sister given your definition? Would any chaos result from your position?"    
Without key substantive questions like these by the State and the judge, I felt like at times I was in the Scopes Monkey Trial!
Trial Tidbits:
A graduate of Catholic Central High School (where the Basilians taught substance over form), Marquette University, and Cooley Law School, Mr. Kleinbrook operates a general practice law firm in Highland, Michigan, and has been advising individuals and small businesses since 1988. He can be reached by email at:

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Girl Scouts Hire Lesbian As Chief Girl Experience Officer

Are you one of the millions that are buying girl scout cookies this year? Perhaps you are unaware of their new Chief Girl Experience Officer.

Kokjohn-Poehler is an out lesbian married to a woman named Ashley Kokjohn. And, given her sexual preference, it is strange that her job title is "Girl Experience Officer”

Her hiring five months ago was largely missed by Girl Scout critics around the country who have been watching the Girl Scouts drift leftward in the past 20 years.

San Diego Magazine featured Kokjohn-Poehler’s 2007 commitment ceremony: “Like many of the best love stories, this one began with a beautiful friendship. Krista Poehler and Ashley Kokjohn were immediately drawn to each other when they met in college, and spent countless hours discussing family, life goals and much more.”

Quoting her LinkedIn profile, as "Chief Girl Experience Officer," Kokjohn-Poehler will “serve as the chief of girl innovation and be the expert on and organizational voice for girls. Lead the "Girl Experience" team in efforts to take insights from marketplace data and collaborate internally and externally to drive program innovation.”

The drift away from conservative and social values began in the early '90s when God was made optional in the Girl Scout promise. This precipitated the founding of American Heritage Girls and the first widespread exit from the Girl Scouts.

Actor Steven Seagal Calls For Obama's Impeachment

Actor Steven Seagal appeared at the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix on February 22, 2014, where he called for the impeachment of President Obama.

Senator Harry Reid Joins Congressman Gary Peters As A Bully And Calls Woman With Cancer, Whose Insurance Cancelled Because Of Obamacare, A Liar

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: “Despite all that good news, there’s plenty of horror stories being told. All of them are untrue, but they’re being told all over America,”

“The leukemia patient (Julie Boonstra) whose insurance policy was canceled [and] could die without her medication, Mr. President, that’s an ad being paid for by two billionaire brothers. It’s absolutely false. Or the woman whose insurance policy went up $700 a month–ads paid for around America by the multibillionaire Koch brothers, and the ad is false.

The Question Harry Reid failed to answer though was why Gary Peters won't meet with Julie Boonstra? She has repeatedly asked to meet with him and even stopped at his house.    Congressman Gary Peters is also ignoring the media as they want his side of the story but he isn't returning their calls either.

“We heard about the evils of Obamacare, about the lives it’s ruining in Republicans’ stump speeches and in ads paid for by oil magnates, the Koch brothers. But in those tales, turned out to be just that: tales, stories made up from whole cloth, lies distorted by the Republicans to grab headlines or make political advertisements.

“Mr. President, these two brothers are trying to buy America. They not only funnel money through their Americans for Prosperity, they funnel money into all kinds of organizations to do the same thing that they’re doing. They’re trying to buy America. I don’t believe america is for sale. We’ll see, Mr. President.”

Well Mr. Reid we are wondering why Gary won't meet with Julie Boonstra or answer media calls on why he wants to silence her.

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Sex Week: University of Tennessee promoting porn, hooking up, violent sex

“A sexual empowerment club” on University of Tennessee’s campus has organized a “Sex Week,” March 2-7, 2014. Events during the week promote things like hooking-up, kink or violent, torture sex and pornography, and how to use sex toys.

They do not educate students on things like pornography’s ties to human trafficking, healthy views of sex, or in discussing the objectification of women in porn and how the porn industry fosters this.

These should not be allowed on a public, state university campus and funded by public tax dollars. UT’s General Counsel, as stated in a public State Capitol hearing on the matter earlier this month, even explained that the University did not thoroughly review the week’s events and speakers.

Events include:
Centerfold: Pornography–the Ethics & Politics of Producing Pleasure, Tristan Taormino
Can porn be ethical? What is ‘good’ porn? Award-winning author and director Tristan Taormino shares her personal journey from writer and sex educator to self-identified feminist pornographer. Hear about her first foray into porn on and off camera and what led her to form her own company, Smart Ass Productions. She will share her definition of feminist porn (as a growing genre, industry, and movement), what she hopes to accomplish with her films, and the challenges she faces in the mainstream adult industry. As “reality” and representation collide around issues of gender, sexuality, race, and class in pornography, Tristan will argue that feminists must disrupt normative depictions in the medium and create new kinds of imagery. She’ll discuss the role consumers play in the movement, how internet economies have shifted the industry, and why she thinks anti-porn feminists haven’t watched enough porn. Since Tennessee is one of the top ten porn-viewing states, this event will encourage a serious discussion on porn, a phenomena of sexuality that plays a much bigger role in our lives than we realize.

Calling Dr. Love: Ask a (S)expert!, Tristan Taormino
Tristan Taormino is an author, columnist, sex educator, speaker, porn actress, and filmmaker. She has spoken at Harvard, Brown, and Yale. She will be available to all to answer ANY question you have about sex, sexuality, and gender.

Stay the Night: Hook-Up Culture
Should I stay, or should I go? We often ask ourselves when it’s clear we’re doing more than just “hanging out.” Reid Mihalko will speak on hook-up culture, including the impacts on health and the influence of social media. How do you make sure that you’re hooking up in the way you feel most comfortable? He will discuss why we ‘hook up’ and what role hooking up plays in campus life.

Get Wet: Exploring the Connections Between Sexual Pleasure, Health, & Advocacy
When is an orgasm a political act? When is lube a tool of the revolution? Megan will demonstrate how three components of sexuality – pleasure, health, and advocacy – flow into one another as we explore a variety of topics centered on reproductive justice and sexual freedom. Get ready for a wild ride into the slippery world of sexuality and politics! Megan will teach you which sexual health issues are involved in back-door lovin’, why you should care about sex workers’ rights, and how you can defend your own sexual freedom through self-love.

We Can’t Stop: Orgasms & Masturbation
What happens to your body during an orgasm? How do you have an orgasm or help your partner have an orgasm? How do you masturbate? Dr. Lindsey Doe will give us all a hand on this often frustrating topic.
For a complete agenda of UT’s “Sex Week” Activities see the schedule here:

Obamacare victim with cancer, Julie Boonstra, pays a visit to Congressman Gary Peters House as he tries to silence her story

Julie Boonstra is a cancer patient who has stated, because of Obamacare, she lost the medical coverage she once had.  Congressman Gary Peters is targeting her and the television stations that have been airing a commercial telling her story.

Today, Julie Boonstra paid a visit to Gary Peter's house as he has not returned her calls but instead sent a cease and desist letter to try to quite her.

Julie Boonstra has stated, in the video below, she demands to speak with her congressman as she is his employer.  She states she will not back down.  Looks like Gary has bullied the wrong person this time.

Muslim Group Slaughters Over 40 Children In Nigerian School, Children Burned Alive, Jihadists Shot And Slit The Throats Of Children

Suspected Islamic militants killed 43 students in a pre-dawn attack Tuesday on a northeast Nigerian college, survivors said.

The terrorists, thought to be from Boko Haram, set a locked hostel on fire, before shooting and slitting the throats of those who tried to climb out the windows. Some were burned alive.

Adamu Garba said he and other teachers who ran away through the bush estimate 40 students died in the assault that began around 2 a.m. Tuesday at the Federal Government College at Buni Yadi.

The  co-ed school about 45 miles south of Damaturu, the capital of Yobe state, and difficult to communicate with because extremists last year destroyed the cell phone tower there.

Garba, who teaches at a secondary school attached to the college, said the attackers first set ablaze the college administrative block, then moved to the hostels, where they locked students in and started firebombing the buildings.
At one hostel, he said: ‘Students were trying to climb out of the windows and they were slaughtered like sheep by the terrorists who slit their throats. Others who ran were gunned down.’

He said students who could not escape were burned alive

The attackers also reportedly hurled explosives into student residential buildings, sprayed gunfire into rooms and hacked a number students to death.

A senior medical source at the Sani Abacha Specialist Hospital in Yobe’s capital Damaturu said the gunmen only targeted male students and that female students were ‘spared’.

‘So far, 43 bodies have been brought (from the college) and are lying at the morgue,’ said the source, who requested anonymity as he was not authorised to discuss death tolls.

Damaturu resident Babagoni Musa told AFP that four ambulances carrying dead bodies drove past his shop, which falls on the road from Buni Yadi.
‘They had tree branches on them which is a sign used here to signify a corpse is in a vehicle,’ he said.
People whose relatives were studying at the college had surrounded the morgue and were desperately seeking information about those killed, forcing the military to take control of the building to restore calm, the hospital source said.

Yobe is one of three northeastern states which was placed under emergency rule in May last year when the military launched a massive operation to crush the Boko Haram uprising.

At least 40 students were killed in September at an agriculture training college in Yobe after Boko Haram gunmen stormed a series of dorms in the middle of the night and sprayed gunfire on sleeping students.

Minister From Pastors For Traditional Marriage Gets Threatening Voicemail

Stacy Swimp
speaking  for traditional marriage 

Stacy Swimp, one of the 50+ ministers who held a press conference yesterday in Detroit championing the cause of traditional marriage, receives a threatening voice mail.  Stacy says he and the other ministers shall not intimidated.

The pastors brought their collective voices in support of traditional marriage between one man and one woman as a federal bench trial, DeBoer vs. Snyder, is set to begin in Detroit on February 25, 2014, that will debate the 2004 marriage amendment as well as the state’s adoption law.

“We, over 100 Pastors and Christian leaders from not only Detroit, but across the State of Michigan want to send a message that there are yet still pastors in city and State – in truth, the overwhelming majority of pastors -- who stand by both our Michigan Constitution and our Judeo Christian values,” said Pastor Lennell Caldwell, First Baptist World Changers. “We believe that marriage between one man and one woman creates the best possible environment for the health and wellness of children.  While we agree that every American has a right to choose to live as he or she wants, no one is entitled to redefine marriage.”

Starting today, Judge Bernard Friedman of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan began to preside over DeBoer vs. Snyder, a lawsuit that will address both the 2004 voter approved amendment to the Michigan Constitution that defines marriage between one man and one woman as well as the state adoption law. News media have indicated the trial is expected to last at least eight days.

FCC Backs Down From Monitoring News Rooms, For Now

Fairness Doctorine

As a news story, this has had a fascinating evolution. It appears that The Daily Caller has led the way on coverage. They wrote about this survey back in October, and covered most of the details that comprise the story today. And then in December, they noted how the survey seemed to be going nowhere. Mark Levin commented on it several times on his radio show, but few others paid any attention to it.

In December, House of Representative members also decried this survey as reviving the Fairness Doctrine. Tom Wheeler, the recently installed FCC Chair—a true Obama believer and top Obama bundler—responded to Congressional criticism in December, saying during a hearing that “...what we did was, there is a study that has been proposed by a consulting firm that we were working with, and we put that out for public notice to exactly get the kind of input that you’re suggesting.”

Wheeler’s response has since evolved. On February 14 Wheeler responded to House criticism of the FCC study by writing that the regulatory agency will “adapt the study in response to these concerns and expect to complete this work in the next few weeks.” There is nothing to see here, he contended, saying, “The Commission has no intention of regulating political or other speech of journalists or broadcasters by way of this Research Design, any resulting study, or through any other means.”

Yet the study did intend to extend the probe into the newsrooms of print journalists, according to a Fox News’ Greta van Susteren panel and an FCC commissioner. The FCC has no jurisdiction over print media. “The survey is clearly written by somebody who’s never set foot in a newsroom. ... They go into newspapers as well. The FCC doesn’t even regulate newspapers,” said Karen Tumulty of The Washington Post on Greta’s panel. Tumulty called the study and its proposed actions “completely clueless.” That’s like saying the IRS officials were merely “boneheaded” when they repeatedly targeted conservative organizations seeking tax-exempt status.

Van Susteren called the FCC’s proposals something different: so stupid that they could be seen as malevolent, “almost trying to shut up journalists.”

“What in the world is going on where somebody in our government thinks it’s a good idea to invade these different news rooms, when we’ve got a First Amendment, we’ve got freedom of the press, I mean who in his right mind?” she asked. “And why didn’t everybody—And maybe if one FCC commissioner was stupid enough, where were the other ones?”

In breaking ranks with his fellow FCC commissioners in the pages of The Wall Street Journal, Ajit Pai wrote, “But everyone should agree on this: The government has no place pressuring media organizations into covering certain stories.” He added, “Unfortunately, the Federal Communications Commission, where I am a commissioner, does not agree.”

He points to the survey as an example, and says that “The FCC says the study is merely an objective fact-finding mission (emphasis added). The results will inform a report that the FCC must submit to Congress every three years on eliminating barriers to entry for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the communications industry.” But Pai calls that claim “peculiar.”

“How can the news judgments made by editors and station managers impede small businesses from entering the broadcast industry?” he writes. “And why does the [Critical Information Needs] study include newspapers when the FCC has no authority to regulate print media?”

When Pai was asked by Van Susteren about the origin of the idea, he said he didn’t know.

Clearly, something more nefarious is going on here, and the media shouldn’t play along. For the administration to think it’s okay to go into newsrooms, especially into newsrooms of newspapers, where they don’t have even a shred of authority, is outrageous. The question is, how will—and how should—newsrooms react to Big Brother coming in and asking such questions? Van Susteren and her panel from the Post, Washington Examiner, and The Hill suggested the media simply should not cooperate.

However, if this plan were to proceed in some manner, those under the FCC’s thumb—radio and television stations—may not have much choice but to play along. Their license renewals may be at stake. This reminds us of how the IRS went to organizations seeking 501(c)4 exemptions, and how the conservative and tea party groups were asked about their political and religious beliefs, for their tweets and Facebook pages, and other organizational data.

“This is an outrage disguised as a study,” noted Charles Krauthammer. “As if the IRS, and the EPA, and NLRB haven’t done enough damage,” said Krauthammer on Fox News’ “Special Report,” “the FCC now has to trample on what rights are remaining.”

Clearly, this administration includes intimidation and thought control as part of President Obama’s plan for “transforming America.” But of course, he knew nothing about this until he heard about it in the media. Jay Carney said, at his White House press briefing on Friday, “The FCC is an independent agency, so you’d have to talk to them for details.”

Many have suggested that this is Obama’s way of re-instituting a Fairness Doctrine by stealth means, since the long-time dream of Democrats to do it by legislation or direct regulation has failed. But I don’t quite see it that way. The Fairness Doctrine required measured, timed balance on the licensed airwaves, whether radio or TV. The Obama administration would prefer that every station 

Debbie Dingell To Announce She's Running For Her Husband's Congressional Seat

John Dingell, Debbie Dingell
Congressman John Dingell With His Wife Debbie Dingell

Debbie Dingell (60), a prominent Democrat and wife of longtime retiring Rep. John Dingell (87), will announce Friday in Michigan she is running for Congress.

Two people close to Dingell confirmed she will seek her the seat of her husband, the longest-serving member of Congress in U.S. history, and make the announcement in the 12th Congressional District in southeast Michigan.

John Dingell, 87, announced Monday he will step down after serving more than 59 years in Congress.

Debbie Dingell, 60, is chairwoman of the Wayne State University Board of Governors and a Michigan member of the Democratic National Committee. She has been her husband’s partner and confidant in politics since their marriage in 1981. They have been staples at community events and Democratic functions.

She has been eyeing a run for higher office as recently as last year when she considered a run for U.S. Senate with the retirement of U.S. Sen. Carl Levin, D-Detroit. She bowed out to prevent a costly primary challenge with Rep. Gary Peters, D-Bloomfield Township.

The 12th Congressional District is heavily Democratic and includes Downriver Detroit, Dearborn and the Ann Arbor area. President Barack Obama carried the district in 2012 by beating Republican nominee Mitt Romney by 34 percentage points.

Debbie Dingell would be considered the front-runner in the race with her vast network from local officials devoted to her husband to national Democratic leaders. The Cook Political Report said Monday she is an early front-runner if she runs.

“She would be the prohibitive favorite in the race,” Lansing-based political consultant T.J. Bucholz said Monday.

Political analysts have said state Sen. Rebekah Warren, D-Ann Arbor, would be considered a strong candidate to challenge Debbie Dingell. Warren declined Monday to discuss whether she is interested in running. Former U.S. Rep. Lynn Rivers, who lost to John Dingell in a 2002 primary after redistricting, said Monday she is not interested in returning to Congress.

Candidates for Congress have until April 22 to submit at least 1,000 petition signatures to make the ballot for the Aug. 5 primary

Pastors Hold Press Confernce In Detroit To Support State's Ban on Gay Marriage & Adoption

Pastors For Traditional Marriage Detroit

A coalition of over 50 Michigan pastors held a press conference on Monday blasting same-sex marriage ahead of today's trial challenging the state's ban on gay marriage and gay adoption, the Detroit Free Press reports:
Quoting from Martin Luther King Jr. and the Bible, the pastors said that gay marriage violates the teachings of Christianity. Swimp quoted from King’s famous letter ‘Letter from a Birmingham Jail’ to say that “we have a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws” that don’t conform the law of God. The majority of pastors at the press conference were African-American.
“It’s going to tear the foundation of the family asunder,” Pastor Caldwell said of gay marriage. “It’s going to have a devastating effect.”
“We ... stand by both our Michigan Constitution and our Judeo-Christian values,” said Pastor Lennell Caldwell of First Baptist World Changers. “We believe that marriage between one man and one woman creates the best possible environment for the health and wellness of children ... no one is entitled to redefine marriage.”
The pastors said their coalition represents Baptist, Church of God in Christ (COGCI), Pentecostal, and Catholic denominations.

The pastors brought their collective voices in support of traditional marriage between one man and one woman as a federal bench trial, DeBoer vs. Snyder, is set to begin in Detroit on February 25, 2014, that will debate the 2004 marriage amendment as well as the state’s adoption law.

The trial "is an unjust threat to voting rights," said minister Stacy Swimp of Revive Alive ministry in Flint, Mich. "We are standing here united ... not ashamed to stand up for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the institution of marriage. God defined marriage and 2.5 million people went to the polls (in 2004) to reaffirm what God has said."

The pastors said they are part of a silent majority who support traditional marriage, but whose voices are being drowned out by those supportive of same-sex marriage.

"We're trying to send a message to our elected officials that the people spoke in 2004," said Pastor Roland Caldwell Sr. of Burnette Inspirational Chruch in Detroit.

Supporters of gay marriage point out that views have changed over the past 10 years. A majority of Michiganders now back gay marriage, according to a survey released last week by the LGBT group Equality Michigan.

But the pastors said Monday that the laws of God are eternal and can't change because of the shifting culture.

Quoting from Martin Luther King Jr. and the Bible, the pastors said that gay marriage violates the teachings of Christianity. Swimp quoted from King's famous letter 'Letter from a Birmingham Jail' to say that "we have a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws" that don't conform the law of God. The majority of pastors at the press conference were African-American.

"It's going to tear the foundation of the family asunder," Pastor Caldwell said of gay marriage. "It's going to have a devastating effect."

"We ... stand by both our Michigan Constitution and our Judeo-Christian values," said Pastor Lennell Caldwell of First Baptist World Changers. "We believe that marriage between one man and one woman creates the best possible environment for the health and wellness of children ... no one is entitled to redefine marriage."

The pastors said their coalition represents Baptist, Church of God in Christ, Pentecostal, and Catholic denominations. The Catholic Archbishop of Detroit Allen Vigneron, the spiritual leader of about 1.3 million Catholics in southeastern Michigan, has also spoken out strongly against gay marraige. Last year, he told the Free Press that people who support same-sex marriage should not offer themselves to receive Communion.

The president of the Southfield City Council, Sylvia Jordan, attended Monday's press conference to show her support of traditional marriage, along with her husband, Larry Jordan, the pastor of Family Victory Fellowship Church in Southfield.

"The Bible can't be changed," she said. "We don't change what truth is."

The Truth About the Arizona Religious Freedom Bill That the Gay Lobby Doesn’t Want You to Know

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
Some have claimed that a bill recently passed by the Arizona legislature would give businesses broad license to not serve someone for being gay. This claim, though, may be a misreading, according a CP legislative analysis. While the bill is an attempt to broaden who is covered under its religious freedom protections, in all cases it actually narrows when a religious belief could be used to refuse service.

Here are six important points to understand about the Arizona Religious Freedom Restoration Act:

1.  If Gov. Jan Brewer (R) signs it, the bill, S.B. 1062, would make some modifications to a 1999 Arizona law called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

2.  Under current Arizona law, if a business wanted to discriminate against gays, they would not need this bill to be passed to do so. It is not currently illegal for a business to deny service to someone because they are gay. Some cities in Arizona have ordinances against it but there is no state law against it. If business owners in Arizona wanted to deny service to gays, they could do so in most of the state under current law.

3. Even though business owners across most of Arizona (and much of the United States) have the right to deny service to gays, they are not doing so. Opponents of the bill claim it would usher in an era of “Jim Crow for gays,” in which gays would be denied service at businesses across the state. If business owners really wanted to do this, though, they could already be doing it.

4. A RFRA law, either state or federal, does not give anyone the license to do anything they want based upon their religious beliefs. Rather, it says what needs to happen for the government to take away someone’s religious freedom. RFRA provides citizens with religious freedom protections, but that does not mean that everyone who claims their religious freedom is violated will win a court case using RFRA as their defense.

5. No business has ever successfully used RFRA, either a state RFRA or the federal RFRA, to defend their right to not serve gays. In fact, no business has even been before a court claiming to have that right.

6. Even if a business wanted to claim the right to not serve gays under RFRA, their claim would be even harder to defend under S.B. 1062. So, anyone who is concerned that someone may one day try to use RFRA to discriminate against gays should prefer the bill that was just passed over current law.

To understand these points, it first helps to understand the history of RFRA.

In 1993 a broad coalition of both conservatives and liberals came together in support of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This law would tell the courts that the state may only violate someone’s religious freedom under certain conditions, and it is up to the government to show those conditions are met. Plus, having a law that is generally applicable (applies to all faiths and those with no faith), is not sufficient reason to deny someone religious freedom.

The law was passed by an overwhelming majority, a unanimous vote in the House and a 97 to three vote in the Senate, and signed by a Democratic president – Bill Clinton.

Later, though, the U.S. Supreme Court would rule, in Boerne vs. Flores (1996), that RFRA cannot be applied to state laws. States would have to pass their own RFRA if they wanted it to apply to their state and local laws, the Court said. So, many states did exactly that. Arizona was one of those states.

Texas Governor Rick Perry Troubled By Tone Of The President

Republican Gov. Rick Perry (Texas) said he was “a bit troubled by the tone of the president” after meeting with President Obama on Monday.

“I don’t mind telling you I was a bit troubled today by the tone of the president,” he said at a meeting for the Republican Governors Association.

Obama spoke to both Democratic and Republican governors on Monday at the White House about issues including the minimum wage, the defense budget, education and energy issues.

For the president of the United States to look Democrat and Republican governors in the eye and say ‘I do not trust you to make decisions in your state about education, about transportation-infrastructure,’ that is really troubling,” Perry said.

Several governors voiced concern on Monday about the Obama administration’s decision to shrink the National Guard. Perry accused Obama of making a political statement in defending the decision.
“He said in that meeting, If I hear any of you pushing back, about making statements about Washington spends too much money, you’ll hear from me,’ ” Perry said. “If I’m a Democrat governor, if I’m a Republican governor, I’m highly offended by that. I will suggest that making a political statement about the Guard is not in the best long-term interests of this country.”

Perry has served as governor of Texas since 2000, and won’t seek reelection this year. Over the last few days, he’s hinted at another possible presidential run in 2016.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Congressman Gary Peters Bullies Cancer Patient and Ducks News Interview To Explain His Actions.

The Kelly File on the Fox News Channel yesterday called out Gary Peters to come on her show and explain why he and his lawyers are attempting to silence Julie Boonstra on her Obamacare story. U.S. Rep Gary Peters has taken legal steps to silence Boonstra’s story and force television stations to pull the issue ad in which she is featured, off the airwaves.

Gary Peters has yet to accept Megyn Kelly's request to be on her show and to explain his actions.



Parents: your children have a right-to-learn!

Karen Braun | February 21, 2014 | Reply

Stop Common CoreParents, your children have a “Right-to-Learn” and not be treated like a commodity to be tested, tracked, and shipped like a UPS package to their final destination in the global economy.   As the parent, you have the authority to stop the Common Core chaos and the high-stakes assessments that do not reflect your values and wastes precious classroom time.    Michigan law recognizes that the parent has the natural and fundamental right to direct their child’s education.

 THE REVISED SCHOOL CODE (EXCERPT) Act 451 of 1976 380.10 Rights of parents and legal guardians; duties of public schools. [M.S.A. 15.4010 ] Sec. 10. It is the natural, fundamental right of parents and legal guardians to determine and direct the care, teaching, and education of their children. The public schools of this state serve the needs of the pupils by cooperating with the pupil’s parents and legal guardians to develop the pupil’s intellectual capabilities and vocational skills in a safe and positive environment. HistoryAdd. 1995, Act 289, Eff. July 1, 1996

Information is powerful.  Michigan law states that the schools serve the needs of students by cooperating with YOU not the federal government or private interests.   The federal government is overseeing the assessments (PARCC and SBAC)  that are aligned to the Common Core and the assessment of choice by the Michigan Department of Education.   ACT, Inc. was a partner in the development of the Common Core and is trying to monopolize and control all the assessments in Michigan.  Neither the SBAC or the ACT, Inc. is a solution for Michigan.   Any assessment used in a public school should be controlled by Michigan.  Period.  The legislature is holding informational hearings but shows no signs of stopping the Common Core or related assessments.   They appear to be content to let the federal government and outside interests dictate what happens in Michigan schools.  Governor Snyder has aligned with Obama administration education agenda and supports the Common Core.

Thankfully, you do not have to wait for school officials, the Michigan Department of Ed, the Michigan legislature, or Governor Snyder to act; you can opt-out of any assessment and assignment you feel does not develop your child’s intellectual capabilities and skills in a safe and positive environment.   Michigan law is on YOUR side.   You are NOT alone.  Resistanceis growing.   Parents across the nation in every state are opting out.
Join us on a conference call to learn more.  We have set up two call times next week to accommodate as many schedules as possible.  There will be short presentation and also  time for questions and answers.

Monday, February 24 at 10 AM and Thursday, February 27, at 8 PM.
The number and the code is the SAME for both dates.
Dial-in: 1-857-232-0157
Conference code: 864556

Please share this post by email, Twitter, and Facebook.  Together we can make sure our children retain the Right-To-Learn.
Below is an opt-out you can print and take to your child’s school.   Please feel free to add or change as necessary.   It’s time stand-up and tell lawmakers and policy makers our children have a Right-to-Learn!

Forget the Kennedy's Are The Dingells America's Royalty? Do They Own That Congressional Seat?

Today the longest serving congressman in the history of the United States has announced his retirement.  John Dingell who was instrumental in the debacal known as the Afordable Health Care Act aka Obamacare.  

Dingell, 87, told the Free Press that he'd reached the decision to retire at the end of his current term — his 29th full one — rather than run for re-election because it was time, given a list of achievements that any other member of Congress would envy, and his continued frustration over partisan gridlock. Dingell replaced his father in Congress and, like him, made health care his overriding passion.

For weeks, rumors had circulated that Dingell — who last June surpassed the late Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia as the longest-serving member of Congress — might be considering retirement. While clearly sharp mentally — he could be seen in recent months peppering witnesses with questions before his beloved Energy and Commerce Committee — time has had taken its toll on his body, forcing him to use crutches or a wheelchair to get around

Debbie Dingell with her husband John Dingell.
But less than two weeks ago, his office seemed to put those rumors to rest with an e-mail to constituents in which Dingell vowed to fight on for extended unemployment benefits and "to protect the many workers and industries important to southeast Michigan." In the e-mail, he said he would "continue to reiterate to my colleagues that the words 'compromise' and 'conciliation' should not be considered dirty words in Washington."

Dingell, who will be 88 in July, was expected to let his staff know about the decision on Monday morning and then announce it publicly at a noon luncheon at the Southern Wayne County Chamber of Commerce in Southgate.

Dingell's  28 years young wife, Deborah, (60)  who with her husband makes up one of Washington's and southeastern Michigan's most prominent power couples, is widely considered a possible candidate. The 12th Congressional District is considered a relatively safe Democratic district.

Hopefully voters will keep an open mind when voting for that congressional seat later this year.  We do not have royalty in this county and no seat is reserved. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The oldest known Holocaust survivor has died at the age of 110.

Alice Herz-Sommer was sent with her family to the Czech concentration camp of Terezin in 1943, where she became famous for trying to boost her fellow prisoners’ spirits through music. A film about her life has been nominated for “Best Short Documentary” at the Academy Awards next week.

"We all came to believe that she would just never die," said Frederic Bohbot, producer of the documentary 
"The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life." ''There was no question in my mind, 'would she ever see the Oscars.'"

The film, directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Malcolm Clarke, has been nominated for best short documentary at the Academy Awards next Sunday.

Herz-Sommer, her husband and her son were sent from Prague in 1943 to a concentration camp in the Czech city of Terezin - Theresienstadt in German - where inmates were allowed to stage concerts in which she frequently starred.

An estimated 140,000 Jews were sent to Terezin and 33,430 died there. About 88,000 were moved on to Auschwitz and other death camps, where most of them were killed. Herz-Sommer and her son, Stephan, were among fewer than 20,000 who were freed when the notorious camp was liberated by the Soviet army in May 1945.

She was hospitalized on Friday and passed away in London earlier today, according to her family.

Crisis in Venezuela And The Lack Of Media Coverage

What had been a slow-motion unraveling that had stretched out over many years went full speed ahead all of a sudden.

What we have this is no longer the Venezuela story you thought you understood.

Throughout last night, panicked people told their stories of state-sponsoredparamilitaries onmotorcyclesroaming middle class neighborhoods, shooting at people and  storming into apartment buildings, shooting at anyone who seemed like he might be protesting.

People continue to be arrested merely for protesting, and a long established local Human Rights NGO makes an urgent plea for an investigation into widespread reports of torture of detainees. There are now dozens of serious human right abuses: National Guardsmen shootingtear gas canisters directly into residential buildings. Here are videos of soldiers shootingcivilians on the street.

And that’s just what came out in real time, over Twitter and YouTube, before any real investigation is carried out. Online media is next, a city of645,000 inhabitants has been taken off the internet amid mounting repression, and this blog itself has been the object of a Facebook “block” campaign.

What has been reported and videoed  were not “street clashes”, but are a state-hatched offensive to suppress and terrorize its opponents.
After the major crackdown on the streets of large (and small) Venezuelan cities last night, one would expect some kind of response in the major international news outlets this morning. 

As of Sunday morning, none of the major networks had a story.