Sunday, April 6, 2014

Woman says she knew Obama in high school as a homosexual druggie foreign student

Mia Marie Pope knew Obama at their Punahou high school in Honolulu, Hawaii, during the late 1970s. She knew him then by the name of Barry Soetoro.

In this interview on October 31, 2013, with Reverend and Dr. James David Manning, the pastor of Atlah World Missionary in Harlem, New York, Pope says Barry “always portrayed himself as a foreign student” and “very much was within the gay community.” It was “common knowledge” that Barry “wasn’t interested in girls” but “was strictly into men.”

“One of his attributes even then,” as he is now, was that Barry “was a pathological liar even then” of the “self-aggrandizing” sort. He would lie about the most mundane things.

Barry also exploited people, bumming cigarettes off others, then drop them as soon as he got what he wanted.

Barry also bragged about smoking the expensive powder form of cocaine. “He would get with older white guys. That’s how he procured the cocaine, by having sex with these older rich white guys.”

Mia Marie Pope was interviewed on the Pete Santilli show. In the audio below, beginning at the 6:48 mark, Pope says that three years ago, a police friend showed her a police database showing Obama with multiple obviously fake addresses (e.g., 123 Happy Lane) and multiple social security numbers with different prefixes, that is, different states. She also says she is willing to take a lie detector test, administered by a reliable third party.

Pope maintains Obama was put in the White House by shadowy powerful people, and that he’s not that smart because he can’t talk without a teleprompter.

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