Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Another case of a cancer patient losing his coverage because of Obamacare

First it was cancer patient Julie Boonstra of Michigan who's insurance coverage was cancelled because of Obamacare and now there is yet another report of the negative effects of President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul, stage-four cancer patient Bruce Johnston of New York recently learned that the hospital where he was receiving treatment wouldn’t accept his insurance under Obamacare because of confusion stemming from the healthcare rollout.

Part of the reason the Stony Brook University Hospital said that it couldn’t treat patients like Johnston is because it isn’t currently accepting patients on any of New York’s eight Obamacare plans.
“It leaves me high and dry,” Johnston told News 12 Long Island. “I mean, this is nothing to fool around with. This is my life.”

Hospital representatives said that they are working to help patients like Johnston, but have to negotiate with insurance companies on a case by case basis to figure out how to deal with low reimbursement fees that “wouldn’t come close” to the cost of providing treatment.

Here’s the report from News 12:

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