Monday, March 31, 2014

Another Obamacare Horror Story

Stephanie Morgan and her husband  live near Traverse City, Michigan.  Like many middle class families, they are working twice as hard as they once were to make ends meet.  

The Morgan's are responsible for their own medical insurance thanks to Obamacare. Their experience in trying to find an affordable healthcare program has been nothing less than a nightmare.  

Here is what Stephanie has gone through in her own words: " I have now spent 6-8 hours on the phone, applied in January with issues and have gone from $260 a month to now they say our payment is $339 a month. What a flipping waste of time, we absolutely CANNOT afford that especially given that is with a $12,700 deductible. So with much frustration and a complete waste of my life-I am officially protesting obamacare and my family will NOT be covered. We will continue to move on uninsured and pay the stupid fine! This is BS if you ask me, two hard working people on the lower end of the middle class gets screwed every which way we turn. I apologize for offending my very democratic friends and I am not excited for my very republican friends because left or right, democratic or republic-we, the middle class hard working americans are the ones who end up with the short end of the stick no matter what we do. I shall remain 100% independent and 100% uninsured at this time!!!!

They even counted my kids fast food jobs against us (as our income).......that's a great learning lesson to kids too. Hey, if you start working as a child-it will make your parents have to spend a ton more on insurance lol-maybe I should tell them to quit, that'll teach them the value of a dollar surely. "

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