Sunday, March 2, 2014

Obamacare Surprise “Shared Responsibility Tax Payment” is Coming Due

The “Shared Responsibility Payment” is another part of obamacare socialism that you probably weren’t aware was hanging over your head. Don’t look up, there it is.

While it might seem like a tax, or the redistribution of wealth, or the payment into a socialized leviathan where a free government of the people used to be, the IRS says it isn’t. It is simply your way to do your fair share and to share what you have with others you may not know. And they are here to make sure it happens.

The payment is assessed if for some reason someone fails to be completely covered for the entire current year of 2014 in the tax returns we will complete next year. The assessment will apply to every member of the household, adults and children.

No wonder B. Hussein Obama has been sure to include the words “be responsible” into his rhetoric when he is describing how he will provide us with jobs if we “work hard.” Now he can’t get pinned with another lie like the one about keeping your health care.

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