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Dave Agema attacker, Dennis Lennox Had Defamation Suit , Accused of Calling A County Commisioner A Homosexual

Dennis Lennox

Dennis Lennox, supporter of former National Committeeman and potential National Committeeman Candidate Saul Anuzis, has accused current National Committeeman, Dave Agema, of being a bigot because Dave stood up and professed his religious beliefs and the Republican Platform of traditional marriage between a man and a woman. 

Turns out Dennis Lennox, has had his own troubles.  In a story dated July 22,, 2009 in Central Michigan Life, the reported that Dennis Lennox was in a defamation suit as the suit papers stated that Ingham County Commissioner Mark Grebner was accusing Lennox of calling him a homosexual.  Below is the story from Central Michigan

Dennis Lennox named in defamation lawsuitDennis Lennox II, a Topinabee senior and Cheboygan County drain commissioner, has been named in a complaint filed by Ingham County Commissioner Mark Grebner. 
The complaint, filed May 13, states Lennox published a defamatory statement by editing Grebner’s online Wikipedia page in Oct. 2008 to say that he was a “homosexual.” 
Lennox allegedly wrote “Mark Grebner (born 1952) is a homosexual American politician and political consultant born in the state of Michigan.” 
Lennox said he had not been served. 
“There is no lawsuit,” he said. 
An Ingham County Circuit Court Clerk also said that Lennox had not been served. 
Two Michigan State University students, junior Bradly Michael Dennis and sophomore Anthony Michael Giammerinaro were also named in the complaint for editing Grebner’s Wikipedia page. 
The multiple edits accused Grebner of being convicted with child molestation, named Osama bin Laden as a supporter of Grebner’s 2004 campaign and changed Grenber’s Wikipedia photo to an oil painting of Benjamin Franklin. The editors were traced to the students using IP addresses. 
Grebner would not comment at the request of his lawyer. 
Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings said Lennox would not be affected as drain commissioner even if there were a lawsuit. 
“Elected official, given what they are, are subjected to all kinds of lawsuits. Some are valid and some are frivolous,” he said.
According to Digital Media Law Project's website they write:
Ingham County Commissioner and Michigan political consultant Mark Grebner filed a defamation lawsuit in Michigan state court against three conservative activists for allegedly inserting false and defamatory information into his biographic
Mark Grebner
al Wikipedia entry.
  The defendants were three university students active in Republican politics: Dennis Lennox, Bradley Dennis, and Anthony Giammarinaro.  According to the Michigan Messenger, the allegedly defamatory edits accused Grebner of being a homosexual and of having been convicted of sexually abusing children. One defendant also allegedly inserted a picture of Osama bin Laden into the entry with the caption “One of Grebner’s biggest supporters in the 2004 election.”  Wikipedia removed the edits in question.
After discovery, the case was referred to mediation where the claims against all three defendants were resolved. According to the docket, the complaint against Dennis was dismissed without prejudice and without costs on March 19, 2010. Ultimately, the trial court entered a stipulation and order for entry of judgment regarding the remaining claims against Lennox and Giammarianaro on Feb, 25, 2011 when, according to a report on a local political blog, Lennox agreed to pay Grebner $1,500. 
The case was closed on March 11, 2011.

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